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Blockchain — Basics to TechnoWizardry

We are starting a series of Blockchain Technology. We believe you can get as much info related to this topic but having “To the point info is a mere blessing”. Let’s get started!

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a system of recording information in such a manner that makes it complex or impossible to change, cheat, or hack the system. Each block in the chain consists of a number of transactions, and every time a new transaction occurs on the blockchain, a record of that transaction is added to every participant’s ledger.

Unraveling The Threads of Blockchain:

As the name states, a blockchain is a string of ‘blocks’ containing the linked data. This series of blocks generates a shared digital ledger (collection of data), also known as digital ledger technology (DLT) that records the activity and information performed within the chain.

Each blockchain ledger is preserved universally across chiliad of different servers. This signifies that anyone on the network can watch and verify everyone else’s entries.

How does the blockchain function?

Each block in the chain has a couple of set elements, a specific amount of data, a cryptographic hash, and the hash of the block before it. The hash is basically the fingerprint for that block, a peculiar identifier that relates to the block and its contents.

Now, if the data within a block replaces, the cryptographic hash also changes.

Also, we are aware that each block also contains the hash of the block before it. This indicates that if someone were to interfere with one block, each subsequent one would be invalid/irrational, making a level of stability and security. This mesmerizing use of unique identifiers is designed to make blockchains more shielded and trustworthy platforms.

Astounding facts about blockchain:

1. Blockchains can be public or private just like the internet and intranet.

2. In terms of evolution, blockchain stands where the internet was 20 years earlier.

3. $20 billion is presumed to be the worth of this universal blockchain retail by 2024.

4. 90% of major European and North American banks are investing in blockchain solutions.

5. There will be jobs that will become old-fashioned. But, we will be having new occupations that we still have not even imagined yet. Also, all of this will be formed as an outcome of the blockchain variation.


What does F.U.T.U.R.E hold for Blockchain?

As we all are well familiar with the fact that blockchain technology seems to be ruling the technology world but it is still unpredictable what future does it hold. There are certain prophecies, both negative and positive regarding their potential.

At least one unorthodox business formed on blockchain technology by 2022 will count worth $10 billion. By 2026, it will be worth $360 billion and $3.1 trillion or more by 2030.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits blockchain technology can provide industries with so we can take a look at how amazing blockchain goes in the future.

Improving cybersecurity.

Blockchain revolves around technology that keeps your data safe and protected without letting any third party interfere in any of your matters. So it’s a super personal and private form of technology that makes cybersecurity its most promising platform of growth. As we are aware that all kinds of businesses are going to get data hacking threats. Blockchain technology can be used to make it all stop while providing all kinds of transparency to active participants.

Governmental Applications.

One of the most dominating roles blockchain can be seen playing in the future is getting involved in government affairs.

Governmental authorities of Columbia have promised to be a backbone for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based payment methods.

China is all set to issue an entirely indirect cryptocurrency. Moreover, South Korea brought more than one million driver’s licenses on a blockchain-based system.

Vietnam and Thailand are also seen to be adopting methods to introduce, aka chain in Vietnam, and a new juridical document keeping system that is also based on blockchain in Thailand.

The finance minister of Japan mentioned blockchain as a major fighter for the global pandemic.

Gaming industry is to be seen as a major Use Case.

The gaming world will be in charge of blockchain adoption more than ever before. Such companies have been using nonstandard digital currencies for decades now. Games resources, payment formation, and multiplayer systems could all be taking benefits of the blockchain abilities in the future.

Epic Games is onto finding new ways to emerge blockchain in the gaming society.

Sony is planning to release a blockchain-based video game for the PlayStation 4 later this year.

Blockchain aiding retail.

Blockchain definitely is a major component of the retail market. Walmart uses blockchain for tracking their payment and shipping with seventy shipping companies and several retailers. AmazonFordNestle Volvo also use blockchain services for controlling the supplies. Around $600 million is invested in blockchain projects earlier this year.

Projects demanding production.

It is said that about 30% of the projects based on blockchain will come to the production stage finally. Projects will speed up due to the faster time requirement in the market because of the pandemic.

Linkage of traditional banking and other finance groups.

Banking organizations and financial administrations will be seen shaking hands with the blockchain as blockchain technology seems to have more trust in people than any regular bank. Henceforth, banks are also highly getting in touch with blockchain to gain their customer’s trust.


Blockchain can be used to transfer property from sellers to buyers by storing every detail in the block that is accessible to all parties.

Other areas using blockchain in the future.

– Blockchain facilitating healthcare (personal data records, medical insurance, etc)

– Blockchain sheltering the internet of things.

– Law amalgamation into smart contracts.

– Major refinement into global standards of living.

– Cryptocurrencies rely on the blockchain.

Blockchain is a revolutionizing feature that will light up the future but it will require effort and most importantly time. Though few startups will see failure people will get more educated on how to use this technology. It will bring people innovative skills making traditional businesses reconsider their work.

The promise of blockchain is real!

Blocks — Blockchain representation